Flower Therapy    

Flower therapy, with Bach flowers, is used by people all over the world.
The Brazilian Ministry of Health in 2018 started making available to the population treatment based on flower remedies. 
In 1983, H. A. W. Forbes, WHO consultant, advocated in favor of the flower remedies as an effective and important self-care treatment.

All of this makes a lot of sense to us at Cosmetria, who are focused on wellbeing, health and consequently beauty.
Thus, after a lot of research and tests, we decided to use Bach flowers in all our formulas of hair products. 

Why not take care of our feelings while making our hair strong and healthy?

But what is really Flower Therapy?

We are talking about a supplementary treatment of the feelings. 

It was created by the English doctor Edward Bach. 
In 1930, in England, the renowned homeopath created flower dilutions to fight 38 types of emotional conflicts.
The objective is to maximize energy, wellbeing, courage and more.
The flower remedies are used in different ways: ingestion, dermal absorption and  inhalation.
They can also be used with children and babies. 

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