What is a retailer?
The retailer buys our products at a discount and resells them to his/her clients for the price he/she wishes. 

Is he/she a Cosmetria employee?
No. There is no employment relation between the retailer and Cosmetria (Law 4886/65 and 8420/92). 

If I have a Serasa restriction or any other credit agency, can I still be a retailer?
Yes. This is not an impediment. 

Does the retailer have exclusivity over a city or region?
No. There is no exclusivity in any region. 

Do I pay any fees?

What is the work of a retailer like?
The retailer selects the products he/she wants to buy (at a discount) from Cosmetria and sells them to his/her own clients. 

How much will the retailer make?
The retailer's profit will depend on the price he/she charges for the product. He/she buys the products at a price lower than that in our webpage. So if he/she wants to sell the product for the same price of the webpage, he/she will still be making a profit. 

Is there competition between Cosmetria and the retailer?
No. There is no competition between the retailer's products and the products in Cosmetria's webpage. 

Can natural persons and legal entities be retailers?
Yes. Send us an email and we will get in touch. Click here.