We insist on having


It was created by the English doctor Edward Bach. 
In 1930, in England, the renowned homeopath created flower dilutions to fight 38 types of emotional conflicts.
The objective is to maximize energy, wellbeing, courage and more.
All of this makes a lot of sense to us at Cosmetria, who are focused on wellbeing, health and consequently beauty.
Thus we decided to use Bach flowers in all our formulas of hair products. 

Why not take care of our feelings while making our hair strong and healthy?

What don't we use in our formulas?


Nowadays it is possible to find products with no salt, especially shampoo.
However, because sodium chloride is an extremely cheap thickener, it is still used in many cosmetics.
The formulas (which still use this compound) dry out and damage the hair because the salt prevents the shampoo from being too liquid but also removes through abrasion the dirt from the hair (in this process it also removes nutrients and the natural hair protection).
In summary, it is a compound that is aggressive and causes the hair cuticles to open too much, making them weak and brittle.
It removes the dirt and grease from hair strands. But by doing so it removes the hair protection leaving the hair dry and damaged.
In short, it is a cheap degreasing compound that produces foam (which creates the false perception of cleanness) 
The sulfate free product, in turn, is able to cleanse the hair strands without damaging them and without affecting the hair cuticle.
Here’s our tip: how about paying more attention to what we use on our bodies? It will thank us throughout the years.
It gives cosmetics that smooth aspect, besides stabilizing the color and fragrance of the products.
Nonetheless, it is a substance that can cause hormonal imbalances. Studies associate the exposure to phthalate to increased risk of abortion, gestational diabetes. 
We take this opportunity to reiterate our belief in being more conscious about what we use in our bodies. After all, our health depends on the choices we make.
Along these lines we have created Cosmetria’s triad that represents health, wellbeing and consequently, beauty.
Its only purpose is to make the cosmetic colorful.
However, at Cosmetria, we do not use dye in any of our products, as our products reflect their natural components better without it.
After all, why not enjoy pure nature?
Here we create clean formulas for our products, because we believe our body must be treated with respect and care.


Petroleum products, also known as white oil, are widely known in the cosmetics market for being cheap and working as a moisturizer.
But they do not contribute to the reconstruction or hydration of the hair, as they are insoluble.
In other words, they simply create a layer around the hair strand preventing it from developing, once no nutrient can reach the cortex.
Widely used by the cosmetic, pharmaceutical and food industry, it is a cheap chemical compound that works as a preservative.
It has bactericidal and fungicidal properties that help keep the products free of such microorganisms for longer.
Nevertheless, studies have associated parabens with skin diseases, prematurely aging skin and also to skin and breast cancer.
Besides having estrogenic properties, it also causes hormonal imbalance by mimicking the action of estrogen (Research from Reading University, UK). 
There is, by the way, an ANVISA ordinance that forbids formulas from having:
1 – more than 0.4% of each type of paraben; 2 – more than 0.8% of total paraben.
Other studies, though, show that a small amount of parabens are not harmful. However, the cumulative effect of the prolonged exposure (through hair products, makeup, sunblock, etc.) to the substance may result in the exceedance of the ANVISA limits.
The most common parabens are: methylparaben, propylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben, isobutylparaben.